Bridge Over River


Many business leaders can’t even begin to solve all the problems they care about. Using your own team, and the Stablebridge toolkit, you will create positive impacts that you thought were unachievable.

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Find the way

Take control. Stay in control.

Leaders like you are known for their ability to cope with a changing business environment — and the need to cope with multiple challenges simultaneously. But Covid-19, Brexit and climate emergency stacked on each other, would stretch the xxxxxx of anybody.

Our Dependency Modelling programme puts you in control, and keeps you there. Because it is a graphical modelling system, you can use it to gain board consensus, it can be reviewed and revised without going back to the beginning. It is the ideal tool to communicate complex operational needs to the whole organisation.

Design your new normal

Get your people on-side

If you are a good manager, then the people around you have probably become comfortable with a sense of ‘business as usual’ — relying on you to protect them from the chaos that would otherwise make their jobs stressful. They will be looking to you to re-establish a new normal as Covid-19, Brexit and Climate Emergency plunge your organisation into turmoil. Stablebridge will be beside you, supporting you as you re-build for a future that could be far from what you think as normal.

Working with us, you will be able to use our proprietary method and rely on our decades of experience as you re-think every aspect of your business.

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Repair your supply chain

Protect your dependencies

Supply Chains used to be all about suppliers of equipment and materials for production. Covid-19 has reminded us that we are dependent on much more - from the food we eat to air without viruses. There’s much more that has not yet become clear and we need to be prepared for when we discover they are less reliable than we hoped. Our dependency mapping method will give you control over all the things that might affect your ability to meet your goals, now and in the future.

Rebuild your resilience

Bounce back. Stay bounced back

Resilience used to be an expensive luxury. You had to think of everything that could possibly go wrong, and then designed countermeasures for every risk or threat. Most organisations could not afford to do that.

We now know different. It’s not a luxury, but it is still very expensive. The Stablebridge method will help you to objectively identify everything that needs to go right, so that you don’t waste money and effort putting countermeasures in place unnecessarily.  

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